Friday, April 29, 2011

Great news!!

Thank you all for following Skylars Journey...we apologize for not updating the blog as often as we'd hoped while we are here in Salt Lake.  We are however, happy and exited to tell everyone that her recent biopsey results came back negative for Hepatoblastoma!!! They were able to remove all of the cancer in her liver and now we are FINALLY on the downward slope to recovery and 2 final rounds of chemo. This will take about six weeks long...and of course quite a few check ups to make sure it doesnt return. We were so exited to hear the good news...I just had to give Dr. Meyer (her surgeon) a big hug and thank you.

Our little girl is such a tough little cookie. She has been all smiles and giggles the past few days....we are so happy to see her take this so well. Its amazing. Your prayers and support have really done wonders for our family. I truly believe that our Heavenly Father had his hand in all of this. Through the many blessings, prayers and days of fasting, we are seeing another miracle here. This is an amazing story of faith during hard times. Someday Skylar will have may opportunities to share her story that I believe will bring hope to a lot of other young families going through these seemingly unbearable trials.

Monday, April 18, 2011

In Utah: 1 Day before surgery

Hi everyone, First of all thank you for all the support we have gotten these past few weeks. We feel so lucky to have so many people behind her and praying for her through all of this.

Our morning started with an early drive up to Salt Lake to the Primary Care Childrens Hospital. They said to be there a quarter to 8. I always wonder why they tell you to be there at a certain time when all you do is wait an hour or so no matter what time you get there. This time though...Skylars name was called right away and MOST everything went pretty smooth getting her ready for surgery tomorrow. I say most because no matter what hospital we go to, CT radiology seems to have a few hiccups. No compliants though...all in all Skylar did great as always. She always gets complimented on how good she is when they access her port and draw blood. 
Right now Jourdan and I are relaxing with Skylar in our hotel room. Tomorrow is a big day for our little girl but tonight....its time to just hang out and relax! Updates soon to follow....

Friday, April 15, 2011

We are Utah bond again

We leave for Utah in 2 days for Skylar's surgery to remove the right lobe of her liver where the tumor is. Because it's such an extensive surgery, the recovery time if all goes well, is 3 weeks. After she has recovered she will be getting 2 more rounds of chemotherapy and hopefully just hopefully she will be done fighting cancer.
Skylar continues to amaze us with her strength and will to fight everything that comes her way. She has had 4 chemo treatments and all have gone pretty well. Despite the nausea, fatigue and everyday shots in her thigh, she remains in good spirits with lots of attitude and smiles! We know that she will continue to be strong as she faces this big surgery.
Thanks to all of you who have kept her in your prayers, and those who have supported us by buying her bracelets and bringing us delicious meals. We are so very blessed to have so many wonderfu people in our lives.
I promise to keep things updated and we will let you know how the surgery goes.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chemo 3

So far so good

We are back in Tucson and sky just completed her 3rd chemo treatment at UMC on Friday. She did very well so we only had to stay 2 days and 1 night, yay! She is a little nauseous, her lips are very dry and she is very tired, but she's home. We go back to UMC on Friday the 11th for outpatient chemo. Until then its shots everyday in her thigh to help her WBC's stay up and to help her stay strong. Skylar still amazes Ryan and I with her strength and her ability to put up with so much. Just before bed last night I had to give her a shot in her thigh and she didnt even flench! I just can't believe it sometimes, what a trooper she really is.
On another note, Ryan and I want to thank everyone so much for all the support and love you all have given us. For donating money to and for purchasing bracelets. It's amazing to have so many people out there wearing her bracelets, praying and supporting our baby girl. She is so loved and we are so very blessed. We have never felt alone and this helps us get through what trials come our way for Skylar. You have helped carry our burdens. Thank you 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Hope for Skylar

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for following Skylar's blog! My name is Julie, and I am Jourdan's sister and Skylar's auntie. I wanted to write a post on Skylar's blog on behalf of all my family. We have created a website called, to raise support and efforts for little Skylar's journey. We have designed really cute arm bracelets that we are selling in which all the proceeds go to the Randall Family. They really need help with all the extra expenses that are being tacked on everyday for medical bills and traveling.

There are so many of us who want to help Skylar and her parents, but we don't live nearby or are able to contribute much....This site will provide a way for all of us to show our love and support of this family. We are all praying everyday for Sky's recovery and for her to be protected and strengthened. This family needs all of our prayers and wishes of comfort. On the site you can either buy a bracelet to help support Skylar or just send a donation.

Thank you for everything that you all have done so far, we couldn't ask for better friends or family.

Once again the website is:

Time in Utah

Today we visited Primary Childrens Hospital in Salt Lake to meet with Skylar's peds surgeon Dr. Meyers. After doing a cat scan of her abdomen, we found that the tumor had shrunk from a grapefruit size to a golf ball size! The good news is we know that the chemo is doing it's job, the bad news is it's still to large to operate on. Skylar is going to do 2 more rounds of chemo back in Tucson and then its back to Utah for surgery. We are looking at the first week in April and this is 90 percent sure. Skylar continues to fight hard and deal with the blahs.. of chemotherapy. So I guess its back to Tucson!